Top 5 Relationship Problems,relationship problems,relationship problem psychics,psychics solving relationship problems"
relationship problems,relationship problem psychics,psychics solving relationship problems"
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Top 5 Relationship Problems
By Susan Quilliam

Money, sex and arguments are at the root of most couples' discontent. Susan Quilliam tackles the most common relationship problems

My partner's having an affair. Is this the end of our relationship?
'I've discovered my husband's been unfaithful with one of our closest friends. The past few days have been a horrendous mixture of rows, tears and recriminations. He says he still loves me, and I still love him, but everyone I know tells me to just walk away. Is there any hope for us?'

Infidelity doesn't have to spell the end for a relationship. Yes, some partners have affairs because they want out of the relationship, but for most people, an affair is a wake-up call. It's a signal that they're not happy, but if the relationship changed they would stay. In some cases, a relationship is strengthened by an affair as both partners have had to face and work through the problems in their relationship.

Affair action plan

News that your partner has had an affair will shock. Don't make any hasty decisions about your future, however much other people pressure you to do so.

Your partner needs to agree to stop seeing his (or her) lover - if they refuse, walk away.

Once you're over the shock and can talk calmly with your partner, try and talk through the reasons for the infidelity.

Think about the question: what needs to change in your relationship for infidelity never to happen again?

Couples counselling can provide a neutral and supportive environment to talk these difficult issues through.

Top 6 Relationship Problem Solutions For Men
By Andy Ajzenkopf

1- She doesn't (fully) trust you
She suspects that you eye every female in view. Why? Probably because you possess the sense of sight and as such, you notice the opposite sex. This, in turn, makes her jealous. While she may be partly right, she's mostly wrong. Sure you look at women, but only casually and briefly. After all, by checking out women, your hardwired-by-evolution male brain is just doing what it's programmed to do. This doesn't mean you actually want to pursue these women. Your lady needs to know and understand this.

What to do:
Invite her out with your buddies and show her that you only have eyes for her.

Another great way to show her that she's overreacting is to play the "do you think that guy/girl is cute?" game and show her that it's natural to notice attractive people. By making it an innocent act, you reduce this human instinct to its most unthreatening level.

2- You need more "alone" time
It can be tough to start separating yourself from her after spending all your time together. The passion is still there, but you feel like she's smothering you. It's time to spend some time apart.

How to convince her to spend time with her friends, and more

Marriage counseling: Working through relationship problems

Illness, infidelity, sex, anger, communication problems  all can contribute to distress in marriages or other relationships. Marriage counseling or couples counseling can help resolve conflicts and heal wounds.

Your spouse comes home from work, makes a beeline for the liquor cabinet and then sulks off silently. You haven't had a real conversation for weeks. A few arguments over money or late nights out, sure, but no heart-to-hearts. Sex? What's that?

Your marriage is on the rocks, and you both know it. But you aren't sure how to fix things — or if you really want to.

It may be time for marriage counseling. Marriage counseling can help you rebuild your relationship. Or decide that you'll both be better off if you split up. Either way, marriage counseling can help you understand your relationship better and make well-thought-out decisions.

What is marriage counseling?
Marriage counseling, also called couples therapy, helps couples — married or not — understand and resolve conflicts or improve their relationship. Marriage counseling gives couples the tools to communicate better, negotiate differences, problem solve and even argue in a healthier way.

Marriage counseling is generally provided by licensed therapists known as marriage and family therapists. These therapists provide the same mental health services as other therapists, simply with a different focus — a couple's relationship.

Marriage counseling is often short-term. You may need only a few sessions to help you weather a crisis. Or you may need marriage counseling for several months, particularly if your relationship has greatly deteriorated. As with individual psychotherapy, you typically see a marriage counselor once a week.

relationship problems,relationship problem psychics,psychics solving relationship problems"
relationship problems,relationship problem psychics,psychics solving relationship problems"