psychic predictions,psychic predictions for 2004,2004 psychic predictions >
psychic predictions,psychic predictions for 2004,2004 psychic predictions >
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          Get Your Own Personal Psychic Predictions For 2004
                          A Presidential Prediction Below
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Under Seige Terror on The Open Waters:
Psychic Dream Prediction by RainbowMoonUnderSun:
5-29-/ 5-30-2004

For the last two nights in a row I have been dreaming of either a large luxury yahgt or a cruise ship being under seige by a terroristic group of 3 - 4 people. Not sure how , when, or where, But by heat in dream I would say over warm waters and during summer time by heat radiating from the sun.

Look For President Elect John Kerry to Cause a upset in the presidential election in 2004 With 23% or more of the popular vote then George Bush.

Will There be an attempt on President George Bush's Life?
9 - 22 - 2004 it was on the morning news that a male suspected of wanting to kill President George Bush was last seen traveling in his direction.

Riots In several major cites after presidential election 2004 is over ?
We shall see.
Is this a fact or is it a last ditch effort on the Bush's Campaign efforts to draw a simpathy vote ? You decide for yourself. If it is an effort to draw a sympathy vote, how far is the Bush campaign willing to go to get it?

          American & National League Baseball's
                                                Race For The Pennant
                              Who will make it to the 2004 World Series ?
                         Psychic predictions by RainbowMoonUnderSun
Houston Astros vs St. Louis Cardnals

The St. Louis Cardnals will sweep the Houston Astros within the 1st 3 games.  The 1st game they play togethers score will be Cardnals 4 / Astros 2 The other 3 games scores Im not going to predict at this time but will say they will all 3 be very close games.  I feel the 3rd game will go into a 10th inning St Louis Cards winning to go to the 2004 World Series Baseball Championship

New York Yankees vs Boston Red Sox

This combo will end up being a shocker. It will go all 7 games before they attain a victor all 5 games scores will be close to one another. The underdogs of the 2 teams though The Boston Red Sox will be the top dog winning their race for their pennant going to the 2004 World Series Baseball Championship.

    Pennant Race Predictions Update 10-21-2004

1 st off I would like to say the predictions on the Boston Red  Sox and the New York Yankees has been verified 100% accurate right down to the Boston Red Sox being classified as the underdogs between the two teams , to the amazing shocker of  the Boston Red Sox being the one and only baseball team ever to come back from a 3 game deficit to win the pennant race. Hip Hip Hurray ! Good Going Boston Red Sox. Congradulations !

2 (A) The Houston Astros and St Louis Cardnals. I had predicted they would shut out the Astros the 1st 3 games. They suceeded in shutting them out in the 1st 2 games the 3rd they didn't so this part is proven to be 66.6 % accurate.

2 (B)  As far as the scores admitedly I was way off base. Things can change these predictions was done thru numerology which isnt a exact science but usually for the most part 90% accurate for the norm. So this part had 0 % accuracy.

2(C)  The St. Louis Cardnals will win the pennant race over the Houston Astros !
This one  has been proven 100% accurate !

So over all the predictions between the Houston Astros and The St. Louis Cardnals has approximate 60% accuracy rate.

So when I start predicting scores the day before each World Series Game do take these percentages of accuracy in mind and please do not use them for betting purposes. I will not be held responsible for  your own actions you take resulting from my predictions you have free will and a mind of your own.

Also for those of you who have realized that I have said 5 games instead of 7 I did do that on purpose to see just how many people would notice and email me about it. Lol. If you have ever read my intuitive weekly horoscopes you know I do have a sense of humor..

Anyways Congradulations again to the St. Louis Cardnals and the Boston Red Sox. See you Both at The World Series.

If you would like to leave feedback on these or other predictions to be posted up on our predictions page please send comments to

     2004 World Series Baseball Chamionship Psychic Prediction

                   St. Louis Cardnals VS Boston Red Sox
          2004 The Year The World Series Baseball Championships saw all Red.

The Day Before each World Series Game predicted scores will be listed for those whom want to keep track .

The 2004 World Series Baseball Championship will go all 5 games one of which for some reason I feel maybe delayed in starting.  The scores will be close in 3 of the 5 games played the other two games will have a lead of 4-5 points above the other teams scores. The Victor of the 2004 World Series will be the St. Louis Cardnals. Watch 1 day before each game to see predicted scores the day before each world series game.

  World Series Scores Between St Louis Cardnals and The Boston Red Sox

        Game 1 Predictions Scores:   4 to 1  :  St Louis Cardnals 4 / Boston Red Sox 1

        Game 2 I took the day off sorry guys

        Game 3  St louis Cards  6  Boston Red Sox 3

Congradulations Boston Red Sox  For great showmanship and playing skills  !
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psychic predictions,psychic predictions for 2004,2004 psychic predictions >
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