psychic predictions,psychic predictions for 2005,2005 psychic predictions
Mt.Saint Helens, American Idol Predictions,Micheal Jackson's court case
Mt.Saint Helens, American Idol Predictions,Micheal Jackson's court case
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This is a 2005 prediction I really dont want to be posting. I also really hope this will be wong as well. 2005 prediction made October 20th 2004.

2005 will be the year that the game show industry will suffer a tremendous loss.  Posted By RainbowMoonUnderSun:

Our Beloved Bob Barker will pass away in 2005. I'm picking up a J to do with his passing. I feel the J I'm seeing is a time frame of either January, June or July. Should this prediction for 2005 come to pass not only will the game show industry suffer this loss but millions of others whom have grown up watching Bob Barker will also mourn. In my opinion Bob Barker has done for the game show industry what Elvis Presley did for Rock and Roll.

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                                          American Idol

Who will be the American Idol for 2005 ? Will this years american Idol be a male or will this years american Idol be a female ? This American Idol Prediction is written 3-19-2005. This is one that is almost too close to call. I feel it will be a toss up between The Underdog Rocker   Constantine Maroulis , and the music teacher Anwar Robinson

                                Mount Saint Helen's

   Mt. Saint Helen's has in the last few months acted up twice. The last time as reccent as yesterday in March 2005. Mt. Saint Helen's is going to be playing cat and mouse threatening a volcanic eruption two more times n 2005. Mt. Saint Helen's will again show activity in either the last week of april 2005 or the 1st week in May give or take a day. Then Mt' Saint Helen's volcano will again show minor activity  in late July early August. Because Mt. Saint Helen's showing minor volcanic activity frequently with out completley errupting it is going to lull the scientific community and its residents into a false sense of security.

  I feel that on the earths core's current path the predictions above about Mt Saint Helens are approximately 75%  going to come to pass. The erruption date for full blown volcanic activity below I feel is by 90 % going to happen.

Mt. St. Helen's  Will errupt between October 13th and October 19th of 2005

                          Micheal Jackson is he a child molestor?

Micheal Jackson's court case on whether or not he is or is'nt a child molestor, I feel will be dragged out thru now til late June or July of 2005.  I feel that even with witness testimonies and his past pryor accussation of  this crime he will be found not guilty of the act.

Micheal Jackson Update : June 13th  2005 which numeroligically = 8 for sucessful conclussions Micheal Joe Jackson was found not guilty of all accounts against him. Now lets wait to see if the future charge / accusation predictions is going to come true or not..

  I'm also going to go a little further even into the future to say that in late 2006 their will be another child come forward about Micheal Jackson having molested them as well. This will be his 3rd accussation of this crime. Should this 3rd victim come forward I do feel that there will be enough evidence found  That Micheal Jackson will be found guilty of the 3rd accusation which will then in return have a chain reaction to where the parents of the previous 2 victims will go after monetary settlements in their children's name.

                          Local Prediction  Texas City Texas
                   Chemical Plant explosion Kills Dozens
                               and injures many more
                                  prediction made 3-07-2005 
The Last Half of March 2005, a large chemical plant in Texas City Texas will explode killing approximatley 60 people or more and injurying a 100 +. This explosion will be felt miles away it will be so huge.

Texas City Update : Wensday March 23 rd 2005. Refinery Explosion Kills 14, Injures More Than 70 Rescue crews work through the night hoping to find survivors buried in the rubble of a massive explosion at a Texas City oil refinery, Local 2 reports.

Death Toll Reaches 15 In Fiery Plant Explosion
Blast Injures More Than 70

POSTED: 6:44 am CST March 24, 2005
UPDATED: 11:54 am CST March 24, 2005

TEXAS CITY, Texas -- BP officials believe the only person out of the 1,800 or so oil refinery workers who remained missing after a thunderous blast that killed 14 and injured more than 70 others died as he tried to escape.
"We think we've found all the bodies," BP Plant Manager Don Parus said.
The fiery blast Wednesday shot flames high into the sky, forced schoolchildren to cower under their desks and showered plant grounds with ash and chunks of charred metal. Windows rattled more than five miles from the 1,200-acre plant, located at 2401 5th St.
The cause of the explosion was not immediately known.
"Have you ever heard the thunder real loud? It was like 10 times that," said Charles Gregory, who was with several co-workers inside a trailer tank when the floor started rumbling. Parus confirmed the death toll was 14 but said further details would come from the medical examiner's office. Company records indicated that one unaccounted-for worker left the plant before the blast, but no one had heard from him since.Those who were confirmed dead Wednesday were contractors for J.E. Merit Constructors Inc., a field services provider and subsidiary of Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. in Pasadena, Calif., Parus said. Merit's Houston office referred calls to Jacobs, whose phone lines were busy or not answered early Thursday.

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Mt.Saint Helens, American Idol Predictions,Micheal Jackson's court case>
psychic predictions,psychic predictions for 2005,2005 psychic predictions
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