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    Psychic Healers

    Psychic Healers use their empathic gifts to feel health stresses in other people. Psychic Healers can see visions of injuries, and how they happened.  This is done in person, in online chat, and over the phone.
    After the Psychic Healer picks up health stresses, they place their hands on their own bodies where they feel the stress and target spot the problem areas.  Focusing the healing energy from themselves, Healers put it into the clients.  Psychic Healers focus on applying heat, and cold, to muscles, injuries and stresses.  Heat is for healing, and coldness is for calming the area when healing is complete.  Varying by client, some clients see the healer
standing right by them, feel their touch of healing or feel heaviness on their shoulders.  Clients also feel spots targeted instantly relieved of pains and stress. And they feel the hot and cold applied form the healer, and a feeling like "Icy Hot". 
     Psychic Healers also do total mind and body healings.  If someone needs help sleeping Psychic Healers can even put them to sleep and help them become rested for the night.  After a person gets a healing in general, they sleep very good that night.  Mind Healings are done by focusing on
mental stresses and calming the mind.

Things that can be healed are as follows but not limited to the following list:

  Any Muscle injury, like Tight Muscles of the jaw, fibromyalgia symptoms and pains, muscle injuries from athletics or motor vehicle accidents, or other accidents. Bone injuries, dislocations, eye injuries, chest infections, sinus infections and any other infections or cold symptoms can also be healed.
Headaches, surgery injuries internal and external, stress, mental stress, pain from burns, and any other traumas or stress internally or externally, and any stomach problems or period pains and stresses.
    If a client has a pain or suspicious stress, that they do not know what it is, Psychic Healers can target spot these places and heal.  Clients report of movements in their bodies and externally, combined with pain and stress relief as the healer is target spotting the areas.

Information about psychic healers as been brought to you by  EyeWatcher
Disclaimer: Psychic healing by no means takes the place of your doctor so please do also see your physician.
psychic healers,psychic healing,healing with psychic energy
psychic healers,psychic healing,healing with psychic energy