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Psychic Abilities:
Psychic abilities has been around as long as man. Psychic abilities comes thru strengthening your own intuition. Everyone has some form of psychic abilities to some extent. It is like a muscle though one which you have to use as often as possible in order to strengthen it.
Psychic Readings:
Psychic Readings are on the current path you are on.They are meant for guidance not nessesarily for foretelling the future even though they speak of the future. They tell you if you and those involved in your questions stay on the current paths you are on what will happen. There is such a thing as free will which play a large part in the % of accuracy of any type of psychic reading.
Psychic Readers:
Unfortunatley you do have to be careful of some psychic readers. There are a lot of fraudgelant psychic readers out there. Never fall for curse removals or candle burnings. Or the old "You have a lot of negetive energy we must cleanse you of it " for a high amount. True psychic readers will do their best to make sure you don't become dependant upon them. True psychic readers will never ask you for more then your 1st name,your full birthdate, names of people or places involved in your question or questions, & what your questions are.
5 Star Psychics:
What are 5 Star Psychics? 5 Star Psychics are the best in their chosen areas of the psychic paranormal realm. 5 Star psychics are true psychics with the knowledge and capabilities of helping to give answers to those in need.
Psychic Mediums:
Psychic Mediums are those who can see, feel, hear, & smell the spirits of those whom have passed away. Psychic Mediums for the most part can only get accurate info about the deceased if they have been gone for at least 6 months because of  a transition period. Seldom are they able to connect sooner but it has occured.
Psychic Tarot:
Psychic Tarot is a very unique way of seeing into likely futures.each card has about 100 meanings depending upon the question asked and where within the tarot spread the tarot cards fall. Psychic Tarot is as old as the ancient ones.
Psychic Clairvoyant:
Psychic clairvoyant is one who never needs any tools such as tarot, ouji, pendulums and such other tools. Psychic Clairvoyant uses the energies from the person they are reading for.
A psychic uses their intuition more then others. A psychic can see your past, your present and your future. A good psychic though knows when not to interfere.Some lessons in life can be hindered if a psychic doesn't know what they are doing. Here at 5 Star Psychic Advice our Psychics are tested vigoursly to make sure they are the best in the business.
Psychic Links:
A true psychic links with your spirit. A true psychic links with your guides & angels.
Psychic Links with the spiritual world around us that not everyone sees or believes in.
Psychics Wanted:
Here at 5 Star psychic advice psychics are wanted to come and join our 1st of its kind true psychic co-op. Psychics wanted so psychics can make a fair living at a low cost.
Psychics Needed:
Psychics needed to be able to get their reputation for their chosen fields back into perspective after the Miss Cleo PRN fiasco. Psychics needed for sometime now to be able to have liscenses all over the world just like a doctor or realtor.
Psychic Network:
A psychic network is any where you can find more then 1 psychic working together for the greater good. A psychic network is a group of psychics who network together to help benifit others and the psychic community they are networking with.
Psychic Readings by Phone:
Psychic readings by phone can be done here at 5 Star Psychic Advice through our psychics own personal home phone numbers. Some of our psychics even provide psychic readings by phone with 800 #'s.
Psychic Readings by Chat:
Psychic readings by chat can be arranged with almost any of our psychics here at 5 Star Psychic Advice, either in their own personal chatrooms here on the site, or through  yahoo messenger.
Psychic Readings By E-mail:
Psychic readings by email can be ordered through almost all of our psychics to as well. When you purchase a psychic reading by email please only send the info the psychic requests from you and no more then that.Psychic readings by email  are actually one of the best forms to recieve a psychic reading.

Psychic Readings By Yahoo Messenger:
Psychic Readings by yahoo messenger is great for several reasons. 1 psychic readings by yahoo messenger is private and secure, 2 psychic readings by yahoo messenger is great for those clients who want to watch as their psychic performs their psychic reading right before their very eyes ( if the psychic has a web cam ).

All psychic readings are to be pre-paid for thru Once your psychic readings are paid for please contact your psychic by phone for your psychic reading or by email address posted on the psychics listing to make an appointment. Some of our psychics will even call you for your psychic reading if your in the USA.
psychic readings,psychic,psychic abilities>
 psychic readings,psychic,psychic abilities>
psychic readings,psychic,psychic abilities >
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