pendulums,pendulum readings,the ancient art of pendulum readings>
pendulums,pendulum readings,the ancient art of pendulum readings>
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The art of pendulum use is an ancient art that dates as far back as 15th century Germany.
Many people use pendulums in their everyday life to help guide them and let them know what is to come.

Pendulums are usually a plumb-bob shaped item hanging from a cord or chain. With the popularity of pendulums today, they have many different kind available. All pendulums consist of something hanging from the end of a chain or cord. There are many stones now along with other shapes and sizes available. You can even create your own by taking a ring, or something similar and hanging it from a chain. Just be sure that the object you use allows the chain to swing back and forth and side to side freely.

The art of pendulum use allows people to ask yes, no , or maybe questions. I personally do not allow spirit the option of maybe when I work with a pendulum. If I ask a question and my pendulum swings forward to backward then the answer is yes. If it swings from side to side the answer is no. I have found this to be very effective. When dealing with a pendulum , I am a firm believer that you are contacting spirit.

Before I begin to ask my questions to the pendulum, I pray for pure truth in my answers from them. This takes out all the ability to be "toyed" with, as spirit sometimes likes to do. I feel that with continual use of your pendulum , things get easier and easier.

Some wonder where to store their pendulum when not using it. This is a personal choice. Some put it in a safe place until needed each time, while others carry theirs with them at all times in case they need it. That is purely up to the descretion of the user.

To begin using your pendulum, rest your elbow comfortably somewhere and allow the chain/pendulum to drape over your index finger , leaving quite a bit of chain hanging down. You are then free to start asking spirit questions. You will soon find that your chain will swing back and forth or side to side without you even moving or controlling it. I have even had events where my chain got hot !

If you are going to begin using a pendulum, just remember that it takes time and practice.Ask it questions that you already know the answer to , to start so that you can get a feel from it. Then move on to things that you would like to know. Rememeber, these have to be worded in yes, or no style questions.

Take your time, have patience, and enjoy your new journey into spirit!!

                  Written by: Jayde.

pendulums,pendulum readings,the ancient art of pendulum readings>
Pendulums, Pendulum Readings The Ancient Art, Pendulums..
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pendulums,pendulum readings,the ancient art of pendulum readings>