psychic predictions 2005 Pope John Paul II,psychic predictions Terri Schiavo's death,Terri Schiavo
psychic predictions 2005 Pope John Paul II,psychic predictions Terri Schiavo's death,Terri Schiavo
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             Catholics Mourn The Loss of Pope John Paul II
                                  Psychic Prediction made 4-1-2005

Pope John Paul II will pass away as April 2nd 2005 closes and April 3 rd 2005 begins. Due to complications of what I feel as associated somehow with the feeding tube. Our deepest condolences go out to everyone who loved Pope John Paul II.
Update: Pope passed away 9:37 pm Rome time. 4-2-2005 I was a little over 2 hours off on predicted time of his passing..
More Info On Pope John Paul II : As of 4-1-2005
The Vatican denied Italian reports that the Pope had slipped into a coma.

"The Pope is still lucid, fully conscious and extraordinarily serene," said Joaquin Navarro-Valls, the Pope's spokesman. He said the pontiff remained in "very serious" condition with unstable blood pressure.

Potential Successors to Pope John Paul II   more info click link

                  Terri Schiavo's  Death Will Change A Cold World
                                 Psychic Prediction made 4-1-2005

  Terri Schiavo's, passing away on 3-31-2005 is the very beginning of how people will begin to view the rights to life. Millions of people will be scrambling to ensure they have a living will in place in order to escape the fate Terri Schiavo, had placed upon her.  I also feel that Terri Schiavo's, death will open peoples eyes to having new views and strengthened beliefs, on our rights to life to where even abortion laws will have changes made. To where it is'nt going to be as easy to abort an unborn child.

More Info on Terri Schiavo : As of 4-1-2005
Schiavo, 41, died Thursday, nearly two weeks after her feeding tube was removed by a judge's order. Michael Schiavo says his wife told him long ago that she would not want to be kept alive artificially. Her parents, Bob and Mary Schindler, disputed that, and held out hope for a miracle recovery for the brain-damaged daughter they said still struggled to talk.

Associated Press Writers Allen Breed, Vickie Chachere, Mike Schneider, Mitch Stacy and Ron Word contributed to this story.

California Earthquakes:
In the recent weeks California has suffered from several earthquakes daily all of which has placed fear of a sunami. What they should 1st be fearing is one of the largest earthquakes ever seen in decades that is coming in July ( Updated date of prediction From dream last night. The date this tremendously large earth quake will occur is going to be between June 28th and July 3rd 2006 ). This particular earthquake will be felt as far away as some east coastal states as small tremors ( such as the Texas Gulf Coast, and parts of the louisiana coast line. ).

This particular earthquake will cause billions of dollars in damage  and the loss of thousands upon thousands of lives. Then within a  12 - 48 hour period after this earthquake a large sunami will hit the California Coast line which will basically even wipe out what we now know as Hollywood California. The damaging effects of the sunami on top of the already earthquake stricken California
will rise into the trillion dollar mark. Water from the wall of water will reach as far inland Nevada and Arizona. May The Blessings be for all who will be lost.

In late August of 2005 a string of  serial child murders will begin throughout the state which will send shivers up the nations spine. There will be 20 - 30 victims within a 10 month period before this serial killer will be caught. The youngest victim will be that of a 2 - 3 yr old girl with blondish colored hair and blue eyes that will be taken from a small shopping mall or shopping strip parking lot. The oldest victim will be that of a 14 - 16 yr old boy who ends up being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Before he dies he will be the key to catching the Chicago Child Serial killer he will also be the only male victim for this particular serial killer..All his female child victims will be similiar in appearance with blondish colored hair and blue to hazel blue eyes.

Background of Chicago serial killer: This person will be a white male of irish , german decent, approximately age 30 - 35. He will have a slightly receding hairline with medium colored short brown hair. When he does wear a beard or mustache they have a redish brown color appearance.  He also has light colored eyes, possibly hazel blue or blue. He does have a criminal history of child offenses which he has in the past served time for in a state south of Chicago. He is approximatley 5 ft 8 - 5 foot 9 inches tall with a 38 - 40 inch waist. I do also believe there is some type of small scar to the left or to the right side of  his nose. I'm hopping that when these serial killings start that this information will possibly help in stopping him before that many childrens lives are lost. Most of these childrens bodies will be found near bodies of water close to industrial type looking buildings. May God Bless and watch over the children.

This next Prediction is for within the next decade:

Between now and the yr 2015 inorder to make up for lost money due to patients inability to pay their hospital bills. The hospital industry will band together and begin to add mini shopping malls
to their hospitals. Unfortunatley these mini malls inside the hospitals will also come with the outrageous gift shoppe prices. They basically will have the analogy that if the patients aren't paying their hospital bills the hospital will get them to pay one way or another.  If the hospitals don't do something soon there will be less and less of them staying open.

2006 Psychic Predictions
psychic predictions 2005 Pope John psychic predictions 2005 Pope John Paul II,psychic predictions Terri Schiavo's death,Terri Schiavo
psychic predictions 2005 Pope John Paul II,psychic predictions Terri Schiavo's death,Terri Schiavo
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