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              When Choosing a Psychic What Should You Look For?

1: When Choosing a Psychic it is always best to read any customer feed back that they may have.
2: When Choosing a Psychic see how many years experiance they have.
3: When Choosing a Psychic make sure they don't ask you a lot of questions.
4: When choosing a Psychic know that they at the most should only ask you for your 1st name, your full birthdate, names of people or places your wanting to ask about, & Your questions. No More then that.
5: When choosing a Psychic locally to you to go too make sure to get refrences.
6: When Choosing a Psychic always remember what a Psychic reading really is. They are meant for guidance and on the current path you are on. So if you change your path you can change the out come. A Psychic / Tarot Reading can be 50-95% accurate but never 100%.
7: When choosing a Psychic if they say they are 100% accurate run the other direction.
8: When choosing a Psychic if they say you have a lot of negetive energy and for a extremley high cost they can rid it for you run the other direction.
9: When Choosing a Psychic From our web site you can ask them when chatting about their areas of expertise. This way you will find out which form will work the best for you to get the answers you need today.
10: When choosing a Psychic from our web site you will be choosing from the best top Psychics on the internet today.
11: When choosing a Psychic from our web site you will not only get the accurate answers you need but will also get extremley detailed readings.
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Other Sites Hints & Tips on Choosing a Psychic
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1.   Think about your reasons for using a psychic. Different issues require different types of psychics. 
2.   Decide what specialty you'd like your psychic to have. Specialties include palm or tarot card reading, intuitive readings, astrology and tea leaves. 
3.   Ask friends or family for recommendations. Often the best psychics don't advertise; instead, they obtain clients by word-of-mouth. 
4.   Consult magazine and newspaper articles about psychics. Psychics with good track records often will have been written about in a positive way. 
5.   Research online for a psychic. Make contact via e-mail to see if you can obtain references. 
6.   Create a list of psychics from this information. 
7.   Call and interview each psychic before you choose one. Ask what their beliefs are, what their background and training is, how they work and how much they charge. 
8.   Check references before you make an appointment. 
When interviewing a psychic, listen to your gut feelings. Avoid working with anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable or vulnerable or tells you anything that frightens you. Similarly, avoid a psychic who makes outrageous claims that raise skepticism. A good psychic is a professional with whom you should feel comfortable and safe. 
Most reputable psychics charge a flat rate per session or on an hourly basis. 
Avoid any psychic who asks for money in exchange for removing a curse or a threat to your life or that of a loved one. This is a common scam used by unscrupulous con artists to intimidate people and gain wealth. 
Avoid using "storefront psychics." 
Avoid using psychic phone services. Besides being very expensive, most of these businesses are in the business of entertainment, not counseling. Their job is to keep you on the phone as long as possible. 
If you find yourself consulting a psychic more often than you'd like, consider if you're addicted to the excitement and attention involved in a psychic reading. Also consider if you're avoiding something in your life. Psychics are not a quick fix: What may be needed is a deeper exploration of the issues involved that only a trained therapist or counselor can provide. 
  Tips from eHow Users: 
Telephone psychics to avoid by eHow Friend
If a telepsychic scares you or acts unprofessional, hang up! He's stalling you! If you were a master tarot reader, where would you work? Yes, you'd work the lines. Most of us are good people. Don't hate us, hate the company. We're just making a living. 

How to Choose a Psychic
by Barbara Trimble

   Modern day psychics are known by many names: clairvoyant, spiritualist, and medium are just a few of them. They can be found everywhere from 1-900 numbers to the Internet to the Classifieds to the Yellow Pages. Yet, how does the average person tell the difference between a legitimate psychic and a scam artist looking to score a fast buck?

  Whether or not to enlist the services of a psychic is a deeply personal decision. Age, education, religion or social status makes no difference. Some people consult a psychic for entertainment while others hope to make contact with a loved one on the Other Side. Whatever your reason for seeking a psychic, you should exercise the same caution as you would in choosing any other professional such as a doctor, lawyer, or mechanic. However, there is no licensing board to govern the practice of psychics so as the old saying goes, "let the buyer beware".

  One of the first things to consider is a psychic's experience or background. Is their belief system compatible with your own? Ask questions about how they conduct readings. Are they held in private or conducted in a public forum? Are the sessions audio or video taped? If so, who gets the tapes? Trust your instincts. If the psychic will not or cannot answer your questions, keep looking. The process may seem a bit overwhelming so be sure to ask your family, friends and co-workers if they have ever used a psychic. You might be surprised at just how many of them have. Were they satisfied with the overall results of their reading? If yes, would they recommend that you go to the same psychic? If not, what did they dislike about the reading? Since most legitimate psychics do not openly advertise they rely heavily upon word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied clients for new business.

  Once you've selected a psychic that you feel comfortable with, you will be expected to pay for their services. Unfortunately, readings are not free and can cost $2-$16 per minute if you use the 1-900 numbers. Private face-to-face sessions usually start at $50 and increase in price depending upon the “frills” involved in the reading. Gallery readings, where a lot of people show up hoping to be read, generally range anywhere from $10-$100 per event.

  As for the reading itself, stay objective and open minded. Pray and meditate beforehand to "invite" those you wish to contact during your session but don’t be disappointed if someone totally different delivers a message. Arrive early so that you are not rushed and stressed out as this may hamper your ability to think clearly when asked to verify information. You should be able to validate most of the information on the spot as it is relayed from the Other Side. Your psychic may begin with an opening prayer or go straight into the reading. They should not ask a lot of questions, fish for answers or play the initial game.

  Finally, legitimate psychics don't encourage multiple sittings. It's okay to be excited by the experience, but if you find yourself "hooked on" readings, you could be running away from some issue in your life which may require the help of a trained therapist or counselor. Hopefully this information will help you in your quest to find the perfect psychic for your own personal situation.


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 How to choose a psychic, choosing a psychic, psychic,how to choose a psychic
 How to choose a psychic, choosing a psychic, psychic,how to choose a psychic
 How to choose a psychic, choosing a psychic, psychic,how to choose a psychic
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choosing a psychic, psychic,how to choose a psychic How to choose a psychic
 How to choose a psychic, choosing a psychic, psychic,how to choose a psychic
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