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  Auras are what can also be known as halos.  Auras is the light that surrounds all living things who have  spirits.  Auras can be many different colors. It is thru the coloring of the aura that psychics can get information about you. Samples of Info a psychic can get from your aura is:

  Your aura also has energy that rubs off onto personal items you have touched as well. So when a psychic reads personal items it is information they are receiving thru your aura residue left behind on said item.

  The native Americans used to not like having their picture taken. They were afraid it would trap their soul for eternity.

  In a way they were right. A camera can pic up your spiritual aura. The aura light remains visible in a picture as long as the picture exists. Yet this doesn't mean your soul (aura) is trapped forever within the photo.

  It just means the energy field of the aura was captured by the camera when the picture was taken.

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Reading An Aura:

It will be most beneficial for you to develop your own methods for reading auras. You should use books and charts only as a launching pad, not as set in stone rules and procedures. Don't become overly dependent on the systems of others, because what works well for some will not work as well for others. There are certain commonalities within each method and their color interpretation, so you should be able to pick and choose what works best for you.
Reading Auras
There are several guidelines or steps you should follow when you begin reading auras for other people. These range from picking out a specific location in your house for conducting spiritual work, to determining the intent of the work itself. These guidelines are not meant to restrict your abilities, but rather to enhance them. Again, you should vary these suggestions to fit your own personal requirements.
Preparation Techniques
Because thought is energy, the images you visualize are manifested or created on the ethereal (spiritual) plane. Meditation can be used to provide add focus and positive energy for the creation of these images. 'Visualized meditations' can help you protect yourself, as well as, prepare your surroundings for positive and enlightened aura readings.
There are as many methods of meditation as there are people on the planet. Choose one that feels the most comfortable for you or use one of meditations described in this book as a beginning guideline.

Selecting an Environment
Informal readings, those you do for a pet or plant, may not require or be practical for these guidelines. Formal readings, those you do for yourself or others, are typically done in a home, or alternative medicine clinic. The actual place doesn't really matter, as long as you are comfortable and feel secure and can control the energy flow in the room.
If you are the practitioner, set-up the environment to your own personal specifications. It should be fairly well lit, natural light is best, but a few well placed soft light fixtures can do just as well. The place you choose should be comfortable for you to concentrate and prepare yourself for the reading. A place where you will not be disturbed for an hour or so. And finally, it should have comfortable chairs and surroundings with little or no distractions. Choosing a room that overlooks the community playground would not necessarily be an appropriate place to perform readings.

There are many methods to prepare a room for a reading. Native American traditions use smudge sticks to replace negative energies with positive forces from the Great Spirit. Many people use select crystals arranged in specific patterns throughout the room to ward off any unwanted energies. Some people use candles and meditations, while others use a combination of these. Simply choose a method that suits your own tastes. If you are conducting a reading for a client, you should prepare the room about 15 to 30 minutes in advanced. If the reading is for yourself, prepare the room before you begin.

If you're reading for someone, you may consider taping the sessions for your client. This provides them with a record of their reading for future reference. It also, alleviates any desire the client may have to keep notes during the session. If the client is uncomfortable or is constantly taking notes, this could be distracting as you try to scan their body for information and/or problem areas.

If the reading is for yourself, tape your perceptions. Then replay the tape later on and take notes on what you saw and where. Then compare these notes to how you feel. Indicate in your documentation the accuracies and conflicts. After a few days or a week has passed, review the notes and see if anything you saw has come to pass.

If you thought you saw a faint green light around your chest, but you have no physical illness in that area. Go back a week later and review your notes. You may discover the green energy was a warning of the chest cold you have now.

Preparing Yourself
The most important step to reading an aura for someone else, is to not let your own energy get in the way of your sight. Your energy field can act as a filter and cloud the view to your subject. Depression, anger or any draining emotion can also cloud your vision.
To combat these problems, be sure you are fully energized and emotionally up beat when conducting a reading. This will strengthen your well-being and prepare your physical body for the energy it will expend during the reading. Some professional readers also recommend limiting or postponing any sessions if you have a cold or flu. The reading may rob you're body of valuable energy it needs to combat the illness.

To eliminate the filter effect of your own aura, take a few minutes before your client arrives to perform a quick visualized meditation. This will temporarily move your aura out of the way and provide you with the clear path needed to see the subject's aura.

You want to remove a much smaller amount of the filter if the reading is for yourself. You don't want the filter in front of your eyes to distort the other energy around your body. But at the same time, you don't want to move too much of your energy out of the way either. Doing so will clear your aura and you'll see nothing of value. Much like erasing a video tape before you've watched the movie.

Remember to protect yourself from the energy output of your subject. Energy is free flowing and can affect anyone or anything in it's path. So as not to take on the emotions or baggage of others, you need to learn how to protect yourself from outside energies. This is extremely important when conducting a reading for a client. Taking on the emotions of someone else is almost like being infected with a disease. This will interfere with the reading, not to mention the rest of your day.

If a client comes to you for a reading about a personal problem that has them worried or depressed, don't let their emotions rub off on you. To be sympathetic or feel empathy is to take on someone's emotions in order to understand their position . Instead of taking on this energy, protect yourself and provide them with a little compassion and understanding.

Protecting your own energy field before a reading or any time you come in contact with others, will help you ward off any unwanted feelings. But you have to be able to identify these energies in order to help your client. The caution here is not to label or judge people because of one or two colors, the shape or the clarity of color you might see in their aura. You must take a look at the entire picture to provide complete and useful information.
Preparing the Client
After you have set-up the room, the tape or whatever duties you needed to perform, allow yourself a few moments to calm down. If you're reading for a client, allow time for them to calm down and relax from the drive once they arrive. Spend a few moments in pleasant conversation. Explain what an aura is and how it can help a person decipher and address any current issues they may have.
When your comfortable with their energy level, light a small white candle to symbolize the joining of conscious minds. Imagine the flame is being lit from within your spiritual body and is reaching out to connect with your client. Begin the reading with a favorite prayer and ask your guide(s) to assist and protect you during the session.

Concluding a Session
When you have completed a reading, for yourself or for a client, be sure to ask if there are any outstanding questions. If not, close the session with a prayer of thanks to your guide(s). Then spend a few moments to think about, discuss any problem areas or review any issues that may have been identified in the reading. Injuries to the physical, mental and spiritual bodies are simply symptoms of an underlying cause. If you identify the source of the ailment you've seen in their aura, you can help to heal or avert the injury. There are many healing books available on this subject. One excellent publication is 'Heal Your Body' by Louise L. Hay from Hay House Publications.
Providing information about an aura is an admirable quality. But if no action is taken to alleviate any problem areas, then the reading is generally pointless. This is just as true for your own well being as it is for a client. When you practice reading yourself, you must set your ego aside and trust your first impressions. Don't second guess what you see, simply record it and determine it's implication to your life later on.

Other Considerations
Aura reading usually takes time to fully interpret and analyze. Helpful readings can be performed within 30 to 60 minutes. More detailed readings in the outer fringes can take longer to interpret. They are often not as strong or clear as the inner layers and therefore it may also take more time to perceive these layers, so don't give up. Just remember to practice and study other methods until you find what works for you.
Clearing the Aura
As discussed previously, your own aura can act as a filter between you and your subject. This is a brief exercise that may help you push your own aura aside and prepare you for a reading. This meditation will also help you protect yourself from your clients emotional energies.
Sit in a quiet place where you will not be disturb for 10 to 15 minutes. Sit in a chair or on the floor, but keep your back straight. If you choose to use spiritual music, begin the tape now.
Close your eyes and take in 3 deep breaths through your nose. As you do, imagine the positive white light of the universe entering your lungs and energizing your physical body. As you exhale through your mouth, imagine a gray smoke that carries with it any negativity, stress or anxiety as it exits your body. Say to yourself 'I release all stress and negative emotions to the universe, where they can be dissipated and no longer do harm to anyone'. As you take in the final breath, imagine God's energy filling your lungs with a large ball of pure protective white light.
As you return to normal breathing imagine the white ball of light beginning to grow as it mixes with your own energy. As the ball becomes larger, the positive light pushes through your organs, tissue and muscles, forcing any leftover stress out of your body and into the universe to be dispersed. Imagine the energy pushing up through your chest, neck and head. Then see the energy pushing downward, through your stomach, hips, legs and feet.
When you have imagined the light fully encompassing your entire body, push the light farther out in front of you to open a doorway through your aura. Imagine a giant pair of pure white hands opening your aura and pushing it aside like a curtain. Ask your guide(s) to help you keep the doorway open until the reading with your client has been completed.
Sit for approximately 10-15 minutes and allow God's light to energize your body and prepare you for the reading. When you are ready to end, thank God and your guide(s) for their assistance.
When you're ready, open your eyes and make any final preparations for your reading.
Click here and try some of our Aura Reading Exercises. As with anything, practice, patience with yourself and determination will all make your new sense of seeing the aura become a reality. Just don't lose faith in yourself. You can do this! Every one can.
Color Interpretations;The Meaning Of Color In Life

Life is full of color and like so many other things on your path, color also has meaning. They are representations of messages from your higher self, God, dreams, whatever the label. But you don't have to be a Metaphysician to understand the importance of color in your life. It exists in every day experiences.Many people associate the color white with God, pink with love and purple with royalty or spirituality. The following is a brief outline of primary colors and their common interpretation, but remember to use this information only as a guide.Colors generally have two meanings depending on the appearance (vibrant v. dull) and state (consistent v. spiked). Colors such as black and brown can denote the same emotion regardless of appearance.

Indicates hatred, negativity, depression and miserly. When this appears in an aura, it is usually localized or appears as wisps floating through the aura.
Can indicate fear or anger.
Vibrant Red: When seen in a clear, vibrant and constant state, it represents fear or strong anxiety.
Dull Red: Generally represents anger. The deeper the red, the stronger the emotion.
A Consistent Red: A consistent dark red indicates a violent nature, a selfish and deceitful attitude.
A Red Spike: A spike of red, either vibrant or dull in appearance, indicates the same meanings as above. However instead of representing the consistent nature of the subject, the spike indicates the sudden emotion in the current conversation or situation the subject is engaged in at that moment.
Success, creativeness, jealousy, selfishness.
It has been my experience that a person with a thin line (1-4 inches) of yellow takes on the characteristics of this color in either their personal or professional life, but not both. A yellow aura wider then 5 inches, indicates characteristics in both aspects of the subjects life.
Vibrant Yellow: Clear yellow denotes intelligence, wisdom, and success.
Dull Yellow: A dull yellow indicates jealousy, a selfishness and negative outlook.
Light Green shades, indicate the onset or potential for injury and the subject should be cautious for the next few weeks.
Darker Green shades, generally indicate the injury has already occurred and is in the process of healing.
Spiritually searching. A dissatisfaction or a feeling that there's something more.
Vibrant Blue: Pride, adoration, dedication.
A subject with any shade of the lighter blues is generally beginning their spiritual quest. (This does not mean a metaphysical quest, but rather a journey that will fill the 'missing' pieces of their current existence. This can just as easily be accomplished through any fundamental religion).
Darker blues typically indicate the subject has found their spiritual path and is continuing their education in the chosen realm.
Dull Blue: Taking life for granted, being too content, can appear to be selfish, narrow minded, arrogance, or self-righteous. There are many traits which accompany religious zeal, such as self-righteousness, dedication, pride, adoration and worship. These wide variations are usually indicated by some shade of blue.
Heightened spiritual awareness, self-esteem, and high ideals.
Light Purple: People with lighter shades of purple are refining or polishing their spiritual nature. They are actively working on the balance of each aspect of their lives (personal, spiritual, professional), their attitudes and acceptance of others, and their existence with other life.
Mid-Dark: Teachers of their chosen spiritual path. They maybe working on a few issues of balancing, but for the most part, they are patient, kind, and willing to go out of their way for people.
Indicates purity and/or protection. When detected in the outer layers of the aura, can indicate an area of the body which has been over energized, or is over active.
The following are not primary colors, but each is associated with very strong and consistent emotions. Unlike other combination colors, these have meanings of their own and can stand on their own merits.

Affection, love, enjoyment, pity, guilt.
Vibrant Pink: Indicates love, affection and a resilient temperament.
Dull Pink: Denotes 'care with caution', pity or guilt.
Confidence, ambition, pride.
Vibrant Orange: Indicates ambition, pride, self-sufficiency.
Dull Orange: A lack of warmth, but a strong desire for success and popularity.
Selfishness, deception, confusion or discouragement. 
Light Brown:  Indicates confusion or discouragement. The lack of confidence in ones self, the present situation or in the subject being addressed.
Dark Brown: Indicates selfishness, fault finding, and a tendency toward deception.

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