about empathy,empathy,about,empathic,true feelings,feelings,emotions,crowds
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                  About EMPATHY

What is the word empathy all about?? The word carries much value and is hightly ignored.

Empathy is a person's ability to feel how others feel about a certain situation. Many psyhcics are blessed with the gift of empathy and are called empathic.

When a reader that is blessed with empathy is doing a reading, we are given the ability to tap into what a persons heart is all about.  What their true feelings are about any given situation.

Almost everyone of us has empathy to some degree, however, learning to listen to that and learn about it is the challenge that many face. This is why they come to psychic readers with that ability.

Many people with a keen sense of empathy have problems in crowds due to their ability to feel what everyone is thinking and feeling about. . It can be very overwhelming to be empathic and many have to learn to turn this off while in situations like that.

Mediation is a great way to work on empathy. .As you meditate about a certain person, you begin to pick up empathy for a certain person and  messages. Many disregard this as imagination when it usually isnt. it is all about what they are feeling.

To work on your ability to be empathic and have empathy for people, you must meditate quite often ( about once per day) and use the technique of focusing on one certain person.

To some this comes easy, and to others it is much more difficult. At any rate,  empathy is something that should be worked on by all people to create a more caring and loving world.

Written by:  Jayde

about empathy,empathy,about,empathic,true feelings,feelings,emotions,crowds
about empathy,empathy,about,empathic,true feelings,feelings,emotions,crowds
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